A tribute to a local hero and prospective colleague!

In my profession I meet lots of different people, most of them students who attend courses where I have to teach them in the field of analytical chemistry…

Sometimes outstanding people cross my way – in the winter term it was Max Zipser who took part in the course I teach. I want to introduce him to you, since he is a cool and relaxed guy and on top of that a local snowboard hero of Innsbruck. I will have to practice a lot to match even half the skill he brings to broad faces… 😉  – Watch his movies to find out more about his second profession besides the studies in pharmacy. Max if you read this: I’d be glad if you would give me a copy of your movie “Soultrip Argentina”.

Some of his latest runs at the Swatch Freeride World Tour:

Well, good luck buddy for all your future runs and your studies. Take care!

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