Multi Optionality in the US and a little bit of home

Sometimes things happen spontaneous and you have to accept that and if you don’t want to miss the experience, take the chance. Tuesday night is normally calm and relaxed, yesterday I ended up on a free gig of Sean Paul, although I had a total different intention…

We had a Kasspätzle dinner, Julia who is from Baden-Württemberg, Uta is from Bavaria and me, considering myself somehow Tyrolean out of choice – we are the only ones around from the beautiful south. It was nice and we figured out how to do Spätzle if you press the dough through a sieve, and while we were cooking the girls told me, Sean Paul – a reggaton artist of the older days – would hit Gainesville at night and perform in a free-of-admission concert.

I was like “WTF?” but they assured me that happens quite on a regular basis, more or less well reknown artists (in our European understanding) performing por que nada over here… Uta didn’t want to go, she offered me her ticket. The only problem, how to get there, since bus service during the week is quite limited. Johannes, another PhD student from Germany, who lives here since one year, took me there and Julia joined us, although she originally had no intentions to go out. The line in front of the club was crazy, when we met our host Bryce, a laid back dude who offers promotion services to the interns here, to get them into clubs cheaper or free and sometimes even free drinks.

We froze basically one hour until we finally got in. Although NOTHING was going on inside by that time, the staff let the people wait. That’s crazy, all just for public perception, that the club is “dope”. I don’t like that idea… But the music inside was quite nice. Lots of unreknown Hip-Hop artists gave their best and it was finally an awesome black music event – for me since ages. Over here black music still exists and is alive, not comparable to Europe at all.

At around 1:20 AM (40 min. before closure) Sean Paul finally hit the stage. And Julia had already warned me, he lacks any skill to sing – a demonstration how powerful playback can be and how important management and great beats are, if you want to be succesful. Now I understand, why all the people who produce Schlager are very succesful and I respect them for beeing smart and making gold out of crap. The concert was still good tho as was the mood of the people partying – the whole experience was outstanding – it was a Tuesday night after all! It has some flaws that every party ends at 2:00 AM, on the other hand it’s good because you won’t experience hangovers as bad as in Europe.

Tonight I won’t do anything but learning, has to be done and some gaps are still to be closed. Pharmacokinetics is rich of mathematics, quite complicated math in some cases. It’s like learning everything from the scratch, but I’m optimistic that I’ll prevail. For that purpose good food is needed and this is, how I will survive the US this time…

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