Getting in touch with underwater life

Time is passing by extraordinarily fast over here. I don’t know why it feels like that but everyday life has less hours to spend than our European! Maybe this is due to the long times you need to get from one place to another without a car. Public transportation in Gainesville is good tho and taking the bike also helps a lot.

In the last time I had to study a lot and the mathematics I have to deal with are quite challenging, especially since you won’t get in touch with those kind of math anymore, when you have graduated and are not dealing with it professionally. This said, there is few time to hang out and see the country, make trips and so on. A prospective colleague of mine wrote a nice article about the life as a Florida Gator just follow the link to read it. I for myself decided to slow down a bit and concentrate on my task for what I came to Florida this time.

But since there are weekends from time to time and Florida has to offer a vast variety of nature, we decided to do a trip yesterday and this time we wanted to snorkel with the manatees. To reach them we decided to rent a kayak.

Manatees are systematically related to elephants and live under water. They come to the shore between late November and mid of March, since the water close to shore is warmer by that time and when the spring breaks they move back to the sea because the sea is warmer by that time. Those lovely creatures are just cute and we were lucky to see some while we were kayaking through the swamps. They chill-out most of the time and are very peaceful – A great experience!

Florida is as whole just a swamp and civilization was built on it. If you pass the country you will see that and I hope I will be able to take some great pictures while just going around. It is beautiful although there is basically nothing and this ease makes it beautiful. If you are cruising along shore you will, in contrast, nearly find no place which is free of buildings. All the beautiful places are plastered with houses and private properties. This really is a pity!


The great bassin of Crystal River, which is connected to the Gulf of Mexico is also a playground for dolphins which come there to hunt their prey. We saw several of them in the freshwater, hunting and playing along.

Whenever you hit Florida at winter time between December and mid of March, make sure you don’t miss this experience, enjoy a nice day kayaking and go snorkeling with the manatees at Crystal River. It is absolutely worth the experience!

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