FL to Cali via Orlando

The Springbreak Trip starts, in Florida Orlando since I have to catch a flight from MCO to SAN in Cali.

4 a.m. and I finally fall into bed. Tim and me left Gainesville at short to 2 a.m., he was clubbing and I had to pack my belongings. We made it to Orlando, where I crash at Micha’s and Lucia’s place. Micha and Tim are already on their way to the everglades, they want to do a canoe tour at sunrise. Lucia is already sleeping and for me it’s time as well…

After some six hours I wake up. The sun illuminates Micha’s room and it’s just great outside. First a coffee, then Lucia offers to show me Orlando, the part you probably won’t see as a tourist – far away from all the entertainment that is probably the only reason, why Orlando is well reknown – downtown.

It’s neat but really nothing special. Everything seems very artificial! Even Lake Eola is probably just a product of mankind.

We have a burger and head back home, where we enjoy another hour in the strong sun and a dip in the pool. Then it’s already time to leave. Lucia drops me off at the airport, thanks for your company today and for the city tour Lucia!  🙂

For all of you who plan to visit Orlando… It’s not really worth it, there are some nice bars with good sound for the night, but if you are to Florida and don’t intend to visit Disney World, Orlando’s shopping overkill malls, or the Universal Studios (the ladder are awesome!) you have basically no need to go to Orlando, save the day and invest it in a beach stay!

I’ll land pretty soon in San Diego. There is a storm flooding in progress at the moment and we enter bad turbulence right at this moment… I hope the weather will develop, I already skip Yosemite due to plenty new snow. Would be great to have snow boots, board and equipment over here, then I’d definitively do it. So looking forward for the next days… 😀

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