Spring Break Tour 2: Los Angeles, Venice and Hollywood

I am really tired this morning. Jeff, who is my L.A. host, just told me that it would be best to wait until 8 p.m. to leave L.A. towards Las Vegas… Wow. I actually don’t want to leave too late so I can see something from Vegas, but like that I will be there in the middle of the night. Whatever! I follow the recommendation of Jeff and visit Venice, another part of L.A. well known for the flashy art-deco, the Venice channel system, and the beach. It is a beautiful district of L.A. and the Abbot Kinney Blvd is a nice stretch where you can find free parking opportunities, find unique clothes from regional designers and organic and healthy food. It’s beautiful!


I make my way through the channel district. Unbelievable but they created a channel system, inspired by the channels of Venice – some beautiful houses are along the water and you can stroll along on small sidewalks, very comparable to the true Venice, just way more modern. Right after this district you hit the beach. It is a beautiful beach but not as impressive as I have thought. I have another bath in the Pacific and enjoy the sun for a good hour. Then it is time to leave since it will take me over one hour to get to the Hollywood Hills…

Traffic is always tough in L.A., you got to take this into consideration, when you travel from one place to another. You have to chose routes off the main streets at rush-hour that can save some time. The next destination is for city overlook, the Runyon Canyon up in the hills of Hollywood, a great place within L.A. to live.

It’s quite a warm day and hiking up there is a really good workout. But it’s worth all the effort! A stunning overview over Hollywood to Downtown is offered, as well as fresh air and a good amount of beautiful people doing their workout. There is word of mouth that all the citizens of Hollywood are either actor, to become one, or are retired from this business.

I continue to the Hollywood Blvd to see what it’s all about. There are the stars on the ground, there is lots of entertainment. I have to admit, I don’t like it too much. Something is going on, a premiere of some movie and I think they are cheering for Eva Longoria. I take just few pictures of stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example for how far some Austrian boy came along the way. Jackie Chan, because he is cool, and Charlie Sheen, because he lives what he does and does what he lives…

It’s already 8 p.m. when I leave L.A. towards Las Vegas. A night run through the desert awaits me.

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