Spring Break Tour 3: The marvellous Las Vegas

Las Vegas is like a fairytale. Everything seems possible, public drinking and smoking, and all the gambling in the sights, which are the hotels. A crazy place, flashy, colorful, in a hostile surrounding, the desert. If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, you won’t believe something like that could even exist, it’s against all logic out there.

I think I was pretty prejudiced towards Vegas. A city which seeks a comparable counterpart in artificiality on the planet, maybe it’s in good company with the cities of the United Arabian Emirates with all their flair in the middle of the desert…

As soon as I had dinner with Ivanna and her mum, we start into the city. Ivanna offered me to attend a show at Planet Hollywood, but I was too late, so we decide to just do the strip and she promises to show me all the Hotel shows. As soon as we hit the cities heart I am totally impressed. We park at the Bellagio first, the hotel which is robbed of the prominent crew in the movie Oceans Eleven.

This hotel aims for older, more classy guests. The water show takes place every 10 to 15 minutes and is stunning and is not repeated the same way. Inside everything is decorated with flowers and of course – like every hotel over in Las Vegas – the Bellagio has a huge casino. It’s directly located in Vegas’ heart, the one you will recognize from all the post cards.

We continue our way along the strip. All the people are drinking and smoking in public, on the streets and in the casinos. Nobody cares over here, it’s so different from the rest of the USA I visited so far, so liberal, so fun oriented. I think by myself, that it’s a pity for the American people somehow, that there needs to be a place without any boarders within this country, a place where you have the freedom to do, what you wish – how easy is life compared to that in the EU.

Ivanna shows me the MGM and the Flamingo hotel. The MGM is well known for ultimate fighting (awesome!), David Copperfield who gives his magic show there and for the big, notorious pool party events, when famous DJs deliver their best electronic music to the masses.  

Time truly flies by in Vegas, and even if I would have been in the mood to gamble here, it’s already in the middle of the night and I am satisfied and done after this day which started early in the desert. 

The view along the strip is surreal, like everything over here in Nevada seems surreal. The whole state, with its diverse and beautiful nature, snow covered mountains and hot and deadly desert in contrast, this 24/7 illuminated city with all this glamour in the middle of nowhere. This is a place which you won’t find a second time on this planet. And it’s great to be here, even without all the gambling. The casinos look pretty much alike, no matter in which hotel you go and the hotels itself, with all their shows and specialties, are the sights of this city.

The last sight of the night is the Welcome to Fabolous Las Vegas Nevada sign at the cities entrance. Ivanna and me take some fun pics and it’s still plenty of traffic of different people who want to have their shot. Afterwards we cruise the city, listening to flashy sounds, to a higher elevated spot, because I’d like to have an overview about the city and I get it and it’s awesome! So much light and so much life going on at 2 a.m.!

Tomorrow it’s already time to leave and continue the trip back to Cali’s shore. Unbelievable, I’ve been here for two nights but it feels not even like a day! At this point I want to thank you Ivanna, you have been a great host and the sightseeing with you was lots of fun! До свида́ния! 😀

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