My California Experience

California and Nevada are wonderful destinations to travel. They offer nearly everything and in particular California, with its splendid Pacific coastline is outstanding for living. I traveled both states, although I just saw a tiny part of Nevada, around Las Vegas. This was still one of my best journeys so far and I will come back in the future, that is a promise. For your overview I prepared the chronic of this trip with this post, you can just click on the different days and will be directed to the appropriate blog entry.

Day 1 & 2 – San Diego & La Jolla

Day 3 – Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood nightlife

Day 4 – Los Angeles, Venice, Hollywood & cruise to Vegas

Day 5, daytime – The Death Valley National Park

Day 5, nighttime – Las Vegas & the Strip

Day 6 – Mojave & Sequoia Ntl Forest, Roadtrip

Day 7 – Big Sur, the epic Pacific Coastal Highway US-1

Day 8 – Santa Cruz, a gem for surfers

Day 9, daytime – The way to San Francisco

Day 9, nighttime & 10 – Sightseeing overkill San Francisco

Day 11 – Hiking San Franciscos Inn districts

Day 12 – Hiking SFs rest, and the return to Florida

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