Spring Break Tour 7: Epic San Francisco!

Okay, I am there. The final destination of my trip, the mother of freedom within the USA. The Golden Gate Bridge is what I see first. I am embraced! Thousands of people are looking for a space to park their car, to get their share of space for their unique souvenir, a photo. It’s not that easy and it takes time.

Carl picks me up in downtown, it is absolutely great to see him, haven’t seen each other since December 2013 in Innsbruck, the last time when he stopped by before he left to work in San Francisco for two years. He lives in Oakland, this is kind of a suburb to San Francisco and since it is a fight to get back there in the traffic we decide to stay in SF directly and start with a beer of IBK-reunion – Hell YEAH! We hit the bar ZEITGEIST first and it’s crowded as hell. Pitcher time!

We get to know two guys from Cali, can just remember the name of Patrick tho. After four pitchers we decide to continue to another location. We are all quite wasted already and a smell of Sizzurp lies all over the city… For some reasons we are not allowed to access one place, are thrown out of another one and get totally wasted in a third one but the place sucks so we return to the first place and the night ends soon. Somehow Carl and me get back to Oakland, we don’t remember how, but we awake at his place the next morning…

It takes some time to recover but finally we manage to start. In Cali you work a lot and just the weekends are off, OK that is nothing new, but the vacation each year is limited to a maximum of 15 days with not even half the amount of public holidays compared to Austria. Not much if you consider to get around there and all of that getting around takes time. It is weekend and he has not to work so we actually go cruising, first of all to grab an awesome sandwich at the Sandwich Point.

Then we had back to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area close to the Golden Gate Bridge. We spend about one hour there and it is just relaxed after the last night and the view to the city is breathtaking.

We continue to the Marine Headlands (Point Bonita) which are further outside of the bay. On the way I realize that there is lots of green and there are lots of hills or small mountains even, surrounding this city. Must be a paradise for bikers, for surfers anyways and for winter sport enthusiasts if you are willing to drive out to Mt Tahoe. This city has it all!

We return in direction of the city and take another exit directly in front of the bridge, this is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area directly by the bridge. And we meet two nice Cali girls who are willing to take pictures of Carl and me and in return we take pictures of them. Cali has lots of nice and open minded people, who give you a helping hand here and there all the time, I love that!

The timeshift of last night favors our plans to see more sights of the city this day. We head to San Francisco’s main beach, the Ocean Beach at the Pacific. It is huge and beautiful but freezing cold.

And there is still time left before sunset. Since the clouds block the sun totally and it’s cold we decide to drive up to the Twinpeaks to have our next stop. The view from the peaks over the city is unrivaled and we have another beer while the evening wins over the day and the lights pop up in the city.

In Haight-Ashbury we have another stop and there are pretty cool shops. It’s already 10 p.m. but a music store has a DJane giving her best (cool!) and she plays some crazy tunes. We dance a bit, have another beer to the music and decide to head home afterwards.

The day was not too long but we are tired and decide to go home and relax. Carl has to work the next day but it was a great day and we saw a lot and for me it is time to recover from the last days roadtrippin’.

On our way back we make a stopover on Yerba Buena Island, to enjoy one last glimpse onto the city. With the surfing in Santa Cruz in the morning of the day before, IBK-reunion at night, all those wonderful impressions and the great food my most memorable 24 hours of the whole trip! Thank you bro for your hospitality it has been the most fun 24 hours for a long, long time – and remember, PUSH!

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