Innsbruck: Visit Höttinger Alm

Innsbruck’s Nordkette is a big playground for alpinists and everyone interested in hiking and nature. In winter it offers great skiing and snowboarding. The panoramic view over the city towards Italy will be your reward if you were able to accept the challenge to climb up there.

If you ever are around Innsbruck in the Austrian alps of Tyrol, not lacking a good bit of training and willing to have a sportive hike with great views on the city, visit the Höttinger Alm and try their food, while you enjoy a great panorama.

Clouds cover the Nordkette and we have some decent snowfall in May. It’s cold to be back to Europe…
Covered in snow, the evening scenery of the Nordkette is most unique and beautiful. It’s the “skyline” of Innsbruck, which you will find nowhere else.

The snow is gone again, so you are good to go now. A walk for about 2 hours awaits you and on the way you will find some fountains were you can actually drink the water, which comes right out of the mountain.

The view down on Innsbruck. In the back you see the famous Serles where Wipptal (left) and Stubaital (right) start.

If you hiked high enough, these views will be your reward. This day the conditions are perfect, so if you are around you should come and enjoy the mountains!

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