Adventure calls, I follow – back to Costa Rica

Sometimes life takes over and changes your plans drastically. Sometimes it is a great experience to leave the planned path. This is what I learned, when I left my path in Latin America, returned to Costa Rica, to meet a lovely girl… If you are not willing to risk you will sometimes miss on opportunities which will never be there again.


The ferry ride seems to fly by. I don’t really get the time. I am excited. Will it work out to pass the border smoothly again, will I be on time, will Dani really come to pick me up? I am totally in my own thoughts.

In Rivas we take a taxi to the Panamericana and enter the next bus to Peñas Blancas. We are not talking, we are calm, everyone for himself. At the border everything goes fast this time. After 30 min. we are on the walk to the border, 30 min. later we have passed it.

We continue to walk down the street into the country and try to hitchhike, it doesn’t work. After another 30 min. in the sun, we flag down a bus to La Cruz, where we change again into a bus to Liberia. I wanted to go to Cañas, to meet with Dani, so I send her a text message, that my plan changed, since we would be closer to the beaches in Liberia. She tells me, she will come there as well. Then I write again, and another time, but get no reply back. I reach Liberia at 4:00 pm, it is hot and humid. The boys want to continue to Tamarindo, I can still follow them, in the case Dani will not come. I know that, I think about this outcome, but deep inside I know she will come. The boys leave, we say goodbye and I invite Sam, who plans a stay in Austria next winter season, to stop by in Innsbruck, if I am still around… Then I receive a text message written in German, saying that Dani will be there in half of an hour, that she ran out of credit for her phone… I am pretty exited now.

At 6:00 pm I see her approaching from the other side of the street. I start to walk towards her, unsure how it will be to see her again, and this time alone. It’s better than I could have ever imagined! 😉

We hop on the next bus to Nicoya, we try to speak, it is difficult but we understand each other very well, on another level. It’s beautiful. We use her phone to translate what we want to say, it’s very funny, the time flies by and when we reach the bus station, it’s already dark outside. Without her I probably would not have found the hidden bus stop to continue our trip. We go to the coast, to Samará, a little village, not very touristic. Dani is here more often, she already came here, when she was a child. At 8:30 pm we are there and still have to find a room for the coming two nights… Dani knows lots of people, so we are fine in the end.

Colibris of Costa Rica
Those little fellas are flying around everywhere in Costa Rica. Since I did not manage to take an own photo, I asked mary24_87 from instagram, if she borrows one of her pictures. And that is it, that is how the little guys look, when they finally sit.

The next morning we have breakfast, Gallo Pinto con huevos, cebolle y tortillas. Lots of little hummingbirds are flying around but I can not manage to take an appropriate photo… We relax a bit more, afterwards she introduces me to Mau, a friend of hers, who lives in Samará. He is very nice and takes us to a hidden beach, a true gem. We are the only people there and the Pacific is wild this day. Mau shows us how to peel clams off the rocks and clean them, so you can enjoy a fresh ceviche, right from the cliffs. It is awesome, we communicate with some weird Esperanto mix, English, some Spanish, here and there some Italian words I still remember… It works well enough to get what we are talking to each other.

Playa Samara, hidden spot
This is the hidden spot which Mau showed us… I edited the picture with GIMP, this is my first try. How do you like it?
Dani and me enjoying the view over the Pacific and the wild beach.
Salud! The both locals show me how to create a fresh clam ceviche right from the clams attached to the cliffs. Yummy!

Playa Samara and the scenic view

Time goes by fast. Late this afternoon Dani and me go shopping. We get some platanos, bananas which are much harder than the sweet ones we know, they are fried and pressed and fried again to obtain golden-brown collars in the end. It is so good… And because Dani cooked, she insists that I do the dishes… 🙂

This evening it rains strong and salsa is played outside in a cafe next door. I dance in the streets, the warm rain all over me, dancing to the salsa, being tipsy from the Flõr de Caña I brought from San José.

It is good to be alive, life is good!

Qué hermoso tiempo contigo. Muchas gracias por todo, espero que nos veamos pronto otra vez entre si!

We have to leave today, this time together is ending too soon. My credit card is not working, so Dani is concerned that I do no get into Nicaragua again. Tomorrow evening will be my flight back to Florida and I have not booked my rental yet… We have breakfast in the same location as yesterday. Gallo Pinto again. I like it a lot, it gives you power for the whole day and is the national dish of Costa Rica, white rice fried with black beans, onions, estragon and a special sauce. I know another version of Panamá, with coconut milk. It is very tasty. We go to the beach a last time, then we catch the bus and I decide to come with Dani to San José… Where we arrive after a long trip. My credit card decides to work again, I get cash and plan everything, get the rental in Florida and we have another last night together… I am very sad, that I have to leave. This was the most adventurous traveling experience so far and I wish it would not be over the next day.

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