Xíu mại – Vietnamese meatballs

This an easy recipe to prepare Vietnamese meatballs, called Xiu Mai. They are very tasty and steamcooked, therefore healthier than fried meatballs.

Xíu mại, are Vietnamese meatballs served with rice and salad, or for a sub… I learned the recipe from my friend Trang, because of a funny idea. When we got to know each other in Florida, we agreed to a bet, that we are not allowed to talk German to increase our English skills, and who failed had to cook. We called it the English bet.

What you need: 500 g of ground beef free of fat, 5 big spoons of oyster sauce, 3 medium sized onions, about 3  carrots, 2 medium sized tomatoes, salt, pepper and sugar, sidedishes: green salad, rice or bread (you can eat it as sub as well)

How you do it: Onions and carrots are sliced in about cubic millimeter small pieces and mixed with the ground beef, salt (half of a big spoon), pepper (a teaspoon) and sugar (2 big spoons), as well as the oyster sauce (5 big spoons) are added and everything is properly mixed to obtain a homogenous mass. Out of that mass little balls are formed and they are all put into a bowl, on top of those balls the slices of tomato are draped and the bowl is put in a bigger pot, which is filled with some water (the water is not supposed to rinse into the bowl!), the lid is applied to the pot and the water has to be kept at 100 degrees Celsius (reflux) for about 20 minutes.

The meatballs are well done after that time and a tasty sauce is obtained from tomato juice, oyster sauce and water steam. The dish is served with sliced green salad, chili, soy sauce and rice. I modified the recipe, put 2 Thai chilis into the meat and slices of 3 spring onions on top of the prepared meatballs before I started to cook them. Enjoy!

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