Berlin Special: The area around Oberbaumbrücke

This is my first entry about Berlin. My homecity, the place where I grew up. Since I don’t live there anymore on a regular basis, I see the vast difference and the progress, which changes the city the whole time. I will continue to give some insight into my city, give recommendations to visit places which are off the cultural or nightlife track.

Since I am a Berliner and always will be, I want to take my time this time I visit my hometown, to capture some beautiful pictures and give some recommendations for you, to explore this city aside the endless cultural program and aside the overwhelming nightlife opportunities.

Berlin Skyline
This is the skyline of Berlin seen from S Bahnhof Warschauer Straße. Yesterday was a great sunset and I took this picture, while the clouds opened up a bit. I overworked the picture with GIMP to give some more focus on the contrast.

I visited the Eastside Gallery, since I was there already. Haven’t done that for a couple of years! The Oberbaumbrücke, connecting former East- and West-Berlin, is a sight for itself, as are the wallpaintings all over the former Berlin Wall. In the evening hours you can listen to artists, playing their music directly on Oberbaumbrücke and at U Bahnhof Warschauer Straße. The Matrix, which I visited back in the day, when I was 18 years old, still exists and seems to be a classic for the American tourists. The Club of Visionaries is a very nice place and it is reopened. Make sure to bring ladies, when you go there, it is much easier to get in.

The Eastside Gallery, rest of the Berlin wall, covered all over with beautiful and theme related graphiti – Peace, Reunition and Love.
Oberbaumbrücke connecting Berlin-Kreuzberg and Berlin-Friedrichshain

The whole area offers plentiful Bars, Cafes and Nightclubs. The Watergate, which is popular with tourists, the classic partly open air, partly inside Club Lido, where you can witness cool Bands playing. Some Jazz Bars, like Badehaus in Friedrichshain, and many restaurants can be found around this area. Just go there and get inspired, don’t plan too much, just follow the flow and enjoy this part of Berlin. And take a closer look at the rest of the German Wall, this is true history that you just find in Cypress, Pjönjang and Israel to the Palästinian parts… The advantage of the German wall… It is past and gone.

As a great place for your fast food on the way visit Burgeramt Frühstücksklub. You will find a big variety of burgers, veggie included. A great place for Kafta, arabian meatballs with salad, is Kreuzberger Köfte Burger in the Wrangelstraße. Get it without the sauce, since you will experience the spice of the meat better.

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