The matriarchy has to start now

What our society and mankind have to remember: Abundance is already here in the present time, right now, for all of us who are here. Abundance is here and it would be even more present, if we relearn to honor our nature and all living beings and unlearn the unhealthy and devastating pursuit of “more and more”.

It’s just in our responsibility to see this, realize it and then accept it as fact, while we bury our desire to compete and walk over dead bodies to be the best, driven by an insane ego, that is mirrored, enhanced and replicated with social media. It’s the distorted male energy of competition in lack of true enemies that threaten us in our reality nowadays. Even women are forced into it with a ratio, when they are supposed to become leaders. That’s what I call political driven feminism.

What we truly need in this world is the true feminism, the female energy of compassion, love and humbleness. The maternal energy that gives us security and confidence, based on unconditional love. That’s what I call true feminism, where it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman to represent these values for a better and more successful togetherness with true values. Values that lack for long in our society and that will never come back when the Agenda of the World Economic Forum becomes reality and de-humanizes us even more. That’s the biggest threat in our latest history as mankind and it’s not that someone thinks about a conspiratory plan to make this happen… Things arrange like that because empathy and compassion are missing and technical advancement is always worth more than ethics and love. But have you ever been happy – I mean truly and sustainably fulfilled and happy – solely by consumption or money?

I post this video of a powerful voice of the WEF as an example, how our society works. This is the true reason we never feel satisfied although we would have every reason to. We live in a world today, where there are sufficient resources when we are willing to share and relinquish on the saga of unlimited and cheap consumption. This is the reason we rather ignore the consequences of our consumption and praise a false moral to pay indulgence, e.g. taking a drugs for obesity when we are unable to stop eating inappropriate or when we rather start a war to ruin a country, to get the young and prosperous workforce of this country as refugees who will built the lower working class in our western civilisations – instead of treating these nations with respect and let them have their economy and their own pace.

Our society lacks every little bit of humanity and feminine energy. Feminine energy, the divine feminine or also called maternal energy is what truly misses and that would let us think with our hearts instead of our minds. I am grateful to be awaken to this, as a male representative who carries and embraces this divine female energy in his heart.

I call out to all of you, who at these times make fun of others, who bully others, who call others idiots because of a different perception, who consume to feel happy & alive… Stop it! Stop it and go into yourself. It’s all there that you could ever desire, as long as you have something to eat, as long as you are healthy it’s all there and when you realize this, you also attract abundance immediately – you are in abundance immediately.

In contrast to many others I feel close to in these days and who are thinking with their hearts, who are great people… I feel mercy and compassion for George Soros, who is my rolemodel for this entropy of our society. Deep trauma, the collective trauma, is responsible for the wish of competition, for the opportunistic behavior you have to show, when your ego tells you to become the best or a “powerful leader”. I feel truly sorry for him – watch the video. He is one of the guys who drive the agendas of WEF these days, responsible for so much suffering. But feeling compassion is the only way to overcome the hatred and the blindness to be stuck in “one side” in war against “another side”.

This my dear friends is the reason, why history always comes back for us to finally learn our lesson – that would be a mandatory step back and a awareness driven change of direction. For me the century of the matriarchy started – that’s my decision. Where we come back to love and compassion, based on ethical action for togetherness in abundance. This is the meaning of a spiritual and responsible togetherness, this is how we can change the world together instead of against each other. And this doesn’t exclude us men from a good position in society but rather allows us to be humble and soft again, as the divine principle and addition to the wisdom caused by the female energy.


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