Nordkette Wetterleuchten Festival over Innsbruck

The Nordkette Wetterleuchten Festival is a cosy open air on Seegrube (1905 m) over Innsbruck. You get two days of electronic sounds, served with THE VIEW, down to city and far into the Alps at night. A truly amazing experience!

This year’s Alps Festival Wetterleuchten has been stunning! The weather was stable and actually perfect, with true Wetterleuchten – thunderstorms seen from the distance – over other regions of the Alps.

Overlooking the festivities of the Nordkette Wetterleuchten Eletronic Music Festival over Innsbruck, Austria
Overlooking the festivities of the Nordkette Wetterleuchten Eletronic Music Festival over Innsbruck, Austria

There have been two tents with great, bassy electronic beats, in the bigger tent mashed up with some classics from time to time. Sound was great and dancing actually lots of fun! Everywhere you go up there, you find the tents of the people who stay there over-night. A mild night with around 18 °C on 1905 m, pretty warm and comfortable.

Chillout at the campfire
Chillout at the campfire
The big campfire, chill and warm-up while the bass vibrates in ears and body.
The big campfire, chillout and warm-up while the bass vibrates in ears and body.

People are in a good mood, but many decide to take the cable car home before 3 A.M. I sit down at the campfire for a while, get back to dancing and decide to leave with the last cable car at 3 A.M. as well. It takes me another hour to get home, but the walk was worth it. To be continued…

Eastcoast Roadtrip 2013 – Boston nightlife, an inner monologue

A small report about my nightlife experience in Boston, where I attended a concert of a faous rockbank, the Two Door Cinema Club.

F*ck, they really start on time… First thought when I enter the concert hall. Today I attend the concert of the Two Door Cinema Club.

WTF a small beer costs $7?! Glad I came here by car. A band plays some decent rock music, a group of about 50 people is nodding to the sound, they form a little block right in front of the stage. This is obviously not Two Door Cinema ClubGoing out in the USA is certainly different. You have to leave the building to smoke and on return line-up again, a good reason to let it be.

By the way, this monologue comes right out of my mind, exactly like that! 🙂

My way here was crazy: I am quite late so I decide to take the car. And have an accident with an afroamerican guy, I hit the brakes hard… but my car touches his, when he suddenly brakes, while I check the way with a quick peek on the map. – He jumps out of the car, I tell him I am foreigner and needed to check the map, that I am very sorry and I could call the cops, if he insists. The magic word, he says I better take care the next time, there is no damage at our cars, and he doesn’t seem to like the cops, so he leaves. Man that was close and I was really lucky…

But back to the happening in the concert hall. It was just a pre game band, but they were good. I ask at the bar, they tell me, there will be two more groups before the main act starts. It’s really weird how the people in front of the stage form this block. The emotions are not yet at climax. It seems a bit like they are waiting to be invited to enjoy themselves.

Besides me sits a kid of 10 years with its mom. Isn’t it a tad late for such little kids? Thought it’s AO in the USA to get into a nightclub, at least in regard to drinking. And the kid really sleeps now on the lap of the mom. It’s so loud in here but it sleeps. Crazy!

Next pre band coming up, it’s getting full. The band sounds like a synthesis of Coldplay and Bloc Party.

Damn, just saw Mount Kimbie hits this place next week, they are really great! Just saying Made to Stray Morning High Remix. I will not make it to that concert, and this is one of their songs I really worship and you should check it out. A pity I will miss that.

The plan is to discover Maine for two days and the wilderness and do some Indian Summer hiking in Baxter State Park. The summit is the aim and without that I don’t want to continue… A preferable plan in my opinion, since the mood it still not bursting and a summit experience beats that by far. Hey but the band has a really hot keyboarder girl! 🙂

Just now a tad obese person gave some ear protections – the ones you put in the ears – to the mother of the little girl. Awww, hope they are unused. The pre-band just finished, I go for another cigarette, the whole lining-up shit included. Seems to me like a musical with plentiful breaks and I hope in that moment, that first of all Placebo appears in concert in NYC and second, that the NYC crowd rocks a little bit more, than people do here. The pre-bands have been Smallpools and St. Lucia, they were actually pretty decent, just for your info, when you want to study Indie Rock that is outta there and need some ideas. And what I notice as well… The floor is covered with carpet, I hate carpets and in a place like that, where thousands of people go around, it’s probably not the best choice.

It’s quiet… nothing goes on stage… And then they start Limp Bizkit from the record with Keep Rollin’ – alright! But not necessarily what I expected.

Harpoon Beer is actually quite tasty… This thought of mine is followed by Nelly with Must be the Money… Alright, what a mix of genres! What’s up in the almighty land of entertainment? Seems to me, Europe is far ahead in the meanwhile in regard to nightlife entertainment – especially Berlin – but even IBK in some regards. When the Two Door Cinema Club does not deliver properly, even newcomer Milky Chance, who I saw in Innsbruck‘s Weekender last week, was better.

The hall is huge by the way… Hope you can see it on those cellphone pictures.



It’s as huge as the hall Tyrol of the IBK convention center, the biggest lecture hall of Free University of Berlin in Rostlaube or has the double size of our foyer in CCB.Not so easy to draw a comparison here, which will be understood by everyone.

Ahhh Still D.R.E. is played – good old reliable Hip-Hop. And it is still alive in America, which I love. Memories of my time as teenager come up.

And there it plays… Eric Pryde, Call on me… Followed by Darude with Sandstorm. 1999 here we are! Some rednecks dance discofox to that song (!!!), epic fail. On the other hand: For those images alone the admission fee von $75 was worth it! Then: Hedaway, What is love (baby don’t hurt me), back to the early 90’s ya!

Finally Two Door Cinema Club hits the stage, the girls scream, some probably lose their conscious, awesome! It’s 8:05 PM, pretty much on time! I head to the crowd now, to experience this concert right up front.


The concert is awesome and I am in the 10th line in front of the stage. Party is on and when the concert is over all too soon at 9:20 PM the crowd yells, screams, and due to that asks for another round of concert awesomeness – even without the necessity to ask for “One more song!” – this is delivered automatically by the band. Have to say the mood was really cool when the actual band attended, the wait until they attended, not.

Now everyone leaves the hall all in a sudden, I don’t know why? I look around and walk up to a guy from the security what’s the matter. They tell me, the underaged need to leave and from 10 PM the party starts again, with the door selecting all the underaged, i.e. < 21 years.

I am hungry so I decide to go to Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown, right around the corner. I ride home and get more cash, than I return – and find out that I am numb after this experience.



After the party, my impressions from the party – it’s 2:00 AM. The club became empty at 1:30 AM all of a sudden and outside everyone was fighting for the Taxis – good to have a car, it started raining as well. And I hope, it won’t rain or even snow, when I go hiking, it’s the least I would wish for.

The look back to this event: 11:55 PM. Now we talk party but truly PAAAARTY! I didn’t expect that to happen anymore – and there are again ladies who heat up the mood of the people in short clothes – to bring the mood to the climax. The music is mediocre but I have a Red Bull, that builds me up after so many kilometers of walking this day. I have some nice flirts, a hot girl pours me a drink, but when I ask her out to talk somewhere else where I can understand her better, she neglects. Strange world.



The resumee: It was a stunning concert but the nightlife seems so controlled in the USA. You can not just go to a public event / party and enjoy yourself and the fact everything is over at 2:00 AM was not really appreciable. But after all this experience was great and the Two Door Cinema Club in concert is worth to be visited!

Innsbruck – About my Home – Part 1

Part 1 of my introduction of my home Innsbruck is all about the lifestyle, what you can do and where you can go at night. I give you recommendation on what to obey and where to inform, when you plan to hit the mountains. In the upcoming second part I will give the more basic info like touristic sights and going-places.

The Innsbruck “skyline” with the dome and clouds from an incoming thunderstorm.

Innsbruck is quite a small city, compared to my hometown Berlin, where I was born and raised, but is still well known for its divine nature and sports opportunities all over the world. It lies at the river Inn – where the name is derived from – and has a count of about 125,000 people when all the students are present – which is not so common, especially not over the summer month where the inhabitants count around 95,000. That’s an equal count of citizens like in Berlin Charlottenburg, the district where I originally come from. With that count the city is Austrias 5th largest city. From this point of view, I did not move into a smaller place, when I came here… 😉

Most people associate Innsbruck and Tyrol with wintersports or ridiculously green meadows on the mountains during the summer time, where you can give credit to your Wanderlust.

A typical street scenery in Innsbruck’s old city – a beautiful city with colorful and old houses, since the city was not destroyed in WWII

The term cultural capital is of course not comparable with the likes as the opera in Verona (Italy), Wagner in Bayreuth (Germany), sights in Vienna (Austria), and the tons of great entertainment Berlin (Germany) has to offer, it is a small city after all – but you should not make the mistake to compare those names with each other and the main “sight” is nature and the mountains of the Alps. I will give you more information on the touristic important sights of Innsbruck and the surrounding area in my next entry – part 2. For us, who live here, those sights are playing a minor role of course, but when you are here for the first time, you should definitively check them out, since they characterize this place and give it a special character.

Events & Artists in Innsbruck

Anyways, there have been several great artists coming to Innsbruck over the last years since I live here and for some reason Innsbruck seems to be an important place for those artists on their way up to a bigger career. I was able to see the Blood Red Shoes, The Cinematics, Portugal the Man, Steaming Satellites, Blumentopf, and just last year Milky Chance live, and there are always great gigs every now and then – impressive for a city of this size – as of last with more and more popular DJ Sets like one of my favorites Worakls. A huge advantage are the relatively small stages where you get in touch with artist and mood much closer than on those huge stages, like in New York (I saw Placebo there), Berlin (Fugees, 50 cent), Munich (Lana del Rey) and other big cities. Another advantage is the relatively low entry coverage, if the concerts aren’t for free completely. The boys and girls from BONANZA do a great job as well, since they brought an open air to Innsbruck, which has always a great line-up and during the summer month they entertain us at the Inn, playing decent electronic beats for free – the place to be on Wednesdays to enjoy your well deserved after work beer, having a BBQ and chillout to Electronic music!

Nightlife in Innsbruck

The Place of the Dome
The Place in front of the Dome

For a relatively small city there are plenty opportunities for nightlife! I will just give you a selected selection of great bars and clubs. My favorite bar is by any means the Café Moustache. You can already go there in the afternoon for a very good Falafel and at night chill-out to good music, meeting friends, with a beer that is absolutely fair priced and enjoyable in the surrounding – team is cool as well! The Club Aftershave is related to the Moustache and always worth a visit in season, when the students are present. We had fun nights down there!

For live music the Weekender is the address to be. Most of the concerts I attended have been there and they offer free concerts of upcoming artists on Mondays during the semester, a great service!

Good bars to start into the evening are Innkeller, Zappa, Treibhaus – known for the big variety of cultural program – and Prometheus (Proml), when the cafés close at 2 a.m. the Limerick Bill’s Irish Pub and the Babalon. Another Irish Pub, to watch football and enjoy good German beer, is the Galway Bay.

The nightlife takes part in different locations, on one hand the “Bögen”, where you find my favorite clubs the Project, the p.m.k. – if you are interested in culture, gigs, concerts and acts, the Bäckerei with a focus on cultural program and products from the region and the Tante Emma, a classy cool nightclub which is open until sunrise. A little further off the track is the Club Cubique, where the well known DJs attend for sets in town. And last but not least there is a relatively new “underground” location Kindergarten, quite cool and in the modern style of an abondoned place – they don’t have a website, it’s “underground” and nightlife takes place to special events. A special and unique location to celebrate, aprés ski and enjoy life is Cloud9, which is nothing more than an iglu on Seegrube in winter time, where you can celebrate Wednesdays and Fridays – I say, this is the coolest (in the true meaning) location you can find!

Activity & Outdoor in Innsbruck

Nordkette at night
Nordkette at night, illuminated with snow covered mountains

Sportive events exist plentiful. The Air & Style took place every winter – but will be in Beijing in 2014, the Nordkettenquartett is a very cool event where teams of four people compete against each other and each team member has a different task: biking up the mountain, claiming the summit via touring ski, freeride it down again and come into the aim with the mountain bike downhilling the track from Seegrube – which is also called Gruabn’. The Vierschanzentournee is an annual visitor to the city, just to mention the most famous out of so many, not to start with the plentiful freeride events in Innsbrucks surrounding in winter. The sportive opportunities are endless here and Tyrol becomes more and more a paradise for alternatives from the classic wintersport. Skitours are very high on the list – but I recommend you an appropriate training in avalance awareness before you start into the freeride and skitouring adventure! Good sources to prepare your mountain experience are…

  • Bergfex for maps of skiing resorts and wander-routes and recommendations of the community
  • ZAMG to check on the weather which is inevitable before you start
  • Lawine to check the dangers and risk of avalances in certain regions – I recommend to train the awareness in the SAAC course (link above), when you have not done it before!
  • Almenrausch to plan your summer hiking tours and the stay at a hut
  • Alpenverein the official site of the community and society to worship the Alp of Austria – you can borrow equipment there
  • Alpenverein Aktiv to plan your tour based on a map, very nice if you want to browse & discover based on your location
  • Powderguide to check on the new snow and to find your pristine powder experience

You can explore everything of course without the need to visit events, museums and sights.

The Alps are THE major sight itself and you will find such a proximity to the high mountains nowhere else…

At least not with a city of this size right to its feet. And when you are in good physical condition, have respect for the mountains and want to experience a fun thing in summer, you should go hiking and check out boulder running – the fastest way to get down the mounain after you hiked it up. 

I will deliver a second report from my home and bring the main touristic sights to you and a little outlook, what you can and should do as daily tours, when you are here, stay tuned!

Latin America, mi amor!

Before I continue writing about my Latinamerica travels, I want to give you a short audio visual version of my most beautiful impressions. I just bought the song In Love (Bernard’s Extended Club Mix) by Bernard Badie on Amazon today. Great how this system works, you get the song, you make a video (it’s really easy) and you upload it, done. I have all my CDs I bought – all time – as digital copy on Amazon! I appreciate these features of the web 2.0 and it’s quite convenient… But now to the video.

I hope you enjoy it, you can find further songs, which came along the way in my YouTube Playlist! It’s also a promise to discover everything south of Latinamerica, hopefully soon.

Music on my travels

Spending so many hours in the car, crusing, relaxing, sightseeing – without company most of the time, can be exhausting. The only puzzle piece missing on this stunning trip is company, preferably the company of my not existent girlfriend… 🙂 Yeah, I guess 2014 has still lots to offer and I hope that the one will cross my way this year, travelling together is so much better, if you have a lovely and reliable person by your side, with whom you can share all your impressions. We will see about that…

But now to the music, I will just provide the playlist here, with all the songs which kept me awake, in good mood, and last but not least entertained in an audible way. It’s not cool to hear yourself thinking 24/7… 😉

Daniel Steinberg – Bailando

RY X – Howling

RY X – Is this love

RY X – How could you say

Rich Aucion – Push (Saw him live in L.A., luv him!)

Worakls – Et la pluie tomba

Adler & Finn – Der Film

Der Tourist ft. Friedrich Liechtenstein – Supergeil

Extrawelt – Soopertrack

Fluxx & Lola – Romance RMX

Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz

Low Roar – Low Roar Album (Best sound for the divine beauty of Big Sur @ US-1)

N’to – Every wall is a door

Ron Flatter – Mantequilla

Worakls – Roadtrip

The Kooks – Taking pictures of you

Worakls – Souvenir N’to RMX

The Kooks – One last time

The Beatles – I want you

Nico Push – Music for the heart

Nico Push – Augenblick

Marek Hemmann – You know

N’to – Django

Camo & Crooked – All night

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Luchtoorn

I hope you enjoy the music as much as me! It made the trip even more pleasant in most parts. Enjoy it and have fun!

Spring Break Tour 2: Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, great names, huge city!

L.A. is my next stop and it is vast! Many people said they have been disappointed, I am not so far, albeit from the parking tickets I got issued. It’s a lively city with awesome beaches and lots of great things to discover, those 20 hours I will remain here are way too short.

I start at Kirsten’s (my airbnb host) place much later than actually planned. I wake up at 3:30 a.m. and fell asleep again. You know that kind of deep sleep you hit when you already woke up, no chance of realizing the alarm at 5:00 a.m. that was actually the time I intended to leave. Doesn’t matter, it’s vacation right? I start at 9:45 a.m. after yet another round of splendid scrambled eggs from Kirsten’s hens and two decent coffees. The night before I got instructions by one of her friends, to leave as early as possible because of the horrific traffic. Yeah whatever… out of San Diego everything is fine, I make a good mileage but 40 miles towards the greater L.A. area I hit the first CF – would that be nice to be on that passing Amtrak…

Unbelievable to see a train in the USA! I leave interstate 5 at Dana Point and take US-1 PCH (Pacific Highway), great thing to do, but you need time! I see many splendid beaches, one of the most beautiful close behind Dana Point, with dozens of Beach-Volleyball courts in the fine sand.

From there it takes basically 3 hours to Malibu, 2 stops included. Malibu – most likely known due to Charlie Sheen and the TV Series Two and a Half Men – might be great, the cribs are for sure, the accessible beaches aren’t too beautiful tho and the one that probably is has access only for members or a $30 entrance coverage… WTF – officially covered as parking fees, since it is not allowed to close beaches for the public in California.

I decide to proceed to Santa Monica beach, after i have dinner at Malibu Seafood, pretty decent. Half an hour later I’m finally there and go jogging first, about 3 miles directly at the beach, thereafter some workout, great! And afterwards I take a bath in the Pacific, again although it’s pretty cold today. But still so  rewarding!

The sun starts to set as soon as I finish and it’s awesome! I stay there for another hour although it’s freezing cold in the meanwhile. Then I climb the steps up to the Santa Monica district and Palisades Park. It takes me longer than thought but strolling through a beautiful neighborhood never hurts, right?

20140303_173352 20140303_181802

Unfortunately  a ticket is waiting for me, for just being 20 min. late at my car. A sweet ticket of $53 for disobey of the night parking prohibition. They charge you $6 parking fees for the whole fucking day, no matter when you arrive, total amount and if you are a couple of minutes too late you get busted. That sucks! Santa Monica beach is great tho and the walk along Ocean Drive just after sunset was a pleasure. I’m pretty done and try to find my way to my place. I.e. time for espresso at Starbucks (Wi-Fi-access for free)…

After a good hour “at home” I start again. Make my way to the Griffith Observatory before closure and it’s totally worth it! You know what? L.A. has several skylines and it’s just humongous in size! While I digitalize some of my impressions about 2 dozens of coyote start howling to the moon which is just newly born, yet just a sickle. What a great mood, directly under the sign of Hollywood!

And thereafter? Right now I’m in the Satellite at Silverline Blvd, today is Monday, they are free of charge and Monday means there is a chance for yet unknown artists. And this place is known as a great location where unknown rock stars were born! I listen to some guys while I blog, couldn’t be better :-), The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are a tad weird and pretty much country, they sing about Jesus, but somehow gotta say it rocks bad-ass, interesting anyways and they are absolutely real, like devoted to their band’s name.

The guy, Rich Aucion, who’s the last one of the night is crazy, but I really like his style, he knows how to get the people going, although he is a bit scary. His song Push still sticks on my mind!

End of the night for me, still another 45 min. to ride home, L.A. is stretched out! And when I come to my car I find another ticket, this time for $68 for wrong parking, because there was a sign I have overseen… Parking tickets suck, no matter if in IBK, Montreal, Toronto or over here in the US. I just get the feeling they are really cheap in Europe compared to the US. It’s kind of a mean tourist fee, that’s what it is…


Hi folks, just a very short ‘Hello’! Haven’t posted any news recently and apologize for this. We had to move with our work and Christmas in Berlin plus New Years Eve in London came all along so there was little to no time to share thoughts and memories. Again we have one of the greatest winters of all time. At least in my memories… I never experienced so much snow before and spend every free minute in the mountains snowboarding and skiing. Hell yeah! For that purpose you need great music to relax afterwards. That is why I want to present Andreya Triana (A town called obsolete, Shine, Darker than Blue) to you. She is a great artist. Found her when I listened to songs of Bonobo (The Keeper feat. Andreya Triana, El Toro, Black Sands, We could forever, Stay the same feat. Andreya Triana). Bonobo on the other hand came to my ears when I went snowboarding with a friend of mine. I recommend to check out both if you like soul colored electronic beats in the case of Andreya or Bonobos‘ electronic sounds which have movie character and a certain brazilian influence (listen to El Toro!). Enjoy and tell me if you liked it!

The Sagittarian

Neulich bin ich durch Zufall über The Sagittarian gestolpert. Es war mal wieder ein langwieriger Labortag und die Zeit wollte nicht vergehen – an solchen Tagen kommt es durchaus vor, dass man mal ein wenig auf Youtube herumsurft, und die Zeit damit versüßt, nach neuen Songs zu suchen oder sich coole Extremsport Videos reinzuziehen.

Der neueste Trend im Extremsport ist das Wingsuiten, was im Prinzip nichts anderes ist als Basejumping deluxe. Ich hätte durchaus gerne Zeit & Geld, um das auch mal zu probieren…

Wie auch immer, als ich auf das oben genannte Video gestoßen bin, war ich erstmal ziemlich fasziniert und irgendwie, obgleich doch sehr technolastig, passte der Song von The Sagittarian, der sich passenderweise Liferider nennt, wie die Faust aufs Auge.

So habe ich diese Gruppe über Abwege entdeckt. Sie haben einige coole Songs, also hört mal rein! Ziemlich gemischt von den Genres her muss man ehrlich sagen, über Techno bis hin zu Rock und undefinierbarer, seichter Hintergrundmusik ist alles dabei.

Meine Favoriten sind jedoch eindeutig:

Viel Spaß beim hören! Wenn ihr was cooles aus der Welt der Musik entdeckt, dann postet es mir hier doch einfach. Ich würde mich freuen! 🙂