Teste die Biokosmetik von morgen

Time to introduce Europe’s first Paleo Skincare Label to you. You are interested in a sustainable Paleolithic lifestyle and care for the environment? You use biocosmetics from the holistic point of view, and neglect palm oil and mineral oil in your cosmetics? If so, these events are the right ones for you! Sign up for free today, test the new era in biocosmetics, we are happy to welcome you!


Liebe Freunde,

Der heutige Beitrag ist zur Abwechslung einmal ein Aufruf in eigenem Interesse. Mein Companion und ich haben, inspiriert durch die Paleo Challenge und unseren Gesinnungswandel im Hinblick auf eine ausgewogene und gesunde Ernährung nach den Regeln des Paleo Lifestyle, eine eigene Biokosmetik Marke ins Leben gerufen, die dem Paleo Lifestyle und einer sehr nachhaltigen Lebensweise gerecht wird. Die Inhaltsstoffe sind mit Mitgliedern der DGPE abgestimmt und wir bringen mit unserem Produkt die erste echte Paleo Skincare auf dem deutschsprachigen Kosmetikmarkt heraus.

Ihr habt am 04. April 2017 erstmals die Möglichkeit, in Innsbruck mehr über die Marke und das erste Produkt zu erfahren und es auch zu testen. Am 10. April 2017 folgt dann eine Testimonial Session in Berlin.

Als Dankeschön erhalten alle, die sich bei uns mit ihrer Mailadresse anmelden, das Produkt, sobald wir dieses zur Marktreife gebracht und produziert haben. Bis bald!

Euer BeNicoMa




BeNicoMa: Life Style and Visualization

The focus of BeNicoMa changes from Travel journalism to visualization of Life Style and analysis of its products.

Dear fellow readers, dear friends

As you know, time is always a limiting factor in our everyday life. A dayjob, other responsibilities, or simply enjoyment of your free time – all good reasons to be distracted. BeNicoMa started with the intention to bring impressions of travel and reports about all the different places of this planet, with focus on the cuisine of different cultures, and the idea in mind to guide you to places that are not visible on the beaten track. Those promised reports are all not forgotten, but it takes plentiful time to work up all the information, and especially all the photography taken on those journeys.

You deserve a more up-to-date website, than travel reports on an irregular basis could offer you. My time to travel is too limited to deliver articles on a regular basis, to call this a profession that you do for a living. That’s why the focus of BeNicoMa will be changed a little bit. Travel will still come, every now and then – as a subcategoric contribution to our new focus Life Style.

A female pharmacist manufactures an ointment in a pharmacy in Italy, Europe
That’s how it looks when you manufacture your cosmetics at home

What is Life Style? It is nothing more than a temporary common sense of what is enjoyable, hip, and what you are willing to do, do experience a convenient life – temporary because Life Style changes drastically over time, although some mile stones remain constant. That are, if quality of a product is right or the price justified, and in our common sense more and more if the product was manufactured sustainable.

We will contribute to these timeless topics of Life Style – on one hand as critical analysts of the market, right here on the Blog – examining every day products like food supplement, cosmetics and products of medical use from the standpoint of a professional. On the other hand we offer services of visualization, plus we accompany you to visualize what you would like to hold in hands for your campaigns, your business or website – just ask for consultancy. You can already find an ever growing stock of Life Style defining topics – Travel included with impressions from many different locations worldwide.

Find BeNicoMa via Adobe Stock
BeNicoMa just became contributor to the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Stock)

The instagram presence of @benicoma is always up-to-date and it is easy to get a first impression there. Follow the feed to keep inspired and see what will be next on the Blog. Travel will be on this feed as well, giving a visualized insight with just few text. The reports on the Blog follow when the visualization is completed.

You can also ask for consultancy in Pharmacy. There will never be consultancy in regard to the intake or adverse effects of drugs on this Blog – but you will be able to find healthcare related articles soon. Have fun exploring the new BeNicoMa.

Nightshift in the hospital

Nightsessions are one kind of my favorites. A little variation with a workflow shooting in the clinic at night can be a welcomed diversification to the beautiful city- and landscapes

I love to do sessions where I get the opportunity to document pros at work. A recent night spent with two lovely nurses brought up some cool insights into worklife at the clinic. There’s more to come, but those are the first impressions for you. Pretty cool, right?