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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to my journey called life BeNicoMa is a private website dedicated to adventure, discovery and the pleasure of enjoying life. The author of this website is entrepreneur, registered pharmacist and emerging amateur photographer who is based in the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck. The combination of economical travel recommendations, wonderful impressions from world’s most beautiful places, special food and drink advice, and a link-up to pharmacy and nutrition are the main topics you will find here. This is a private project, not a commercial website, therefore you will not find an impressum and the only way to get in touch with the author is via the contact form below.

Did you ever ask yourself, how people make it possible to travel far and create a satisfying travelers experience, although they have to fulfill a challenging day job most time of the year? Find a way how you can make it happen for yourself and many more helpful advice. Traveling far and enjoyable often isn’t a matter of money, unlearn the myth travel industry taught you over years. A fulfilling adventure starts economical and often brings you together with many interesting and lovely people who sometimes even become friends on your journey and far beyond that point. 

Health is a prerequisite for every enjoyable journey. BeNicoMa provides all kinds of information from the point of a traveler, looking for adventurous, economical and safe alternatives to conventional tourism. Due to the profession of the author, cultural aspects of traditional medicine are gathered – travel is the best way to find answers and new sources of inspiration.

BeNicoMa can also be source for your regional business. Places that have been inspirational stops on the journey of the author are depicted in high quality images and you can find a big and growing stock of all kinds of photographic documentation, regional specialties and culture via the linked up sources.

In case you are interested in a personal photography session, your landmark depiction or a cooperation, feel free to contact us – We are looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!

Yours BeNicoMa


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