A Tomorrow in Unity with Love

My apologies for the Fake News on the US electoral update in the comments to the L.A. happenings from last week. They just slipped through because of my flattered mind caused by the pictures of Los Angeles. Erare humanum est – we all make mistakes. Please forgive me for that. This actually happened, it was confirmed to us by locals, that Military was taking many people into custody out of their homes at night.

Pictures we get to see in Media are powerful. They go deep and manipulate your mind. You can implant Fear but you can also implant hope, optimism or joy with images.

What I want to remind of: We all make mistakes, you, me, everyone in charge, governments, humans in general. FORGIVENESS should be a basic principle of togetherness. It allows us a happier togetherness. We should also always do the REFLECTION of what is told to us, not only on “reliable Media”. There’s no difference anymore in reporting pro vaccination and pro P(l)andemic measure between all media outlets, basically no critical voice can be heard. Have a closer look who owns these outlets.

Have you ever asked yourself, if you are caught in an illusion – all of us – every day, when we stick to the Corona Movie, that is presented to us 24/7? The focus is solely on this topic anymore. Politics make use of it, it’s another dimension of what is healthy for us and our togetherness. They push measure far bigger than protection of society, they started the transformation of our planet. Fortunately the urge to discuss in anger, and persisting on the own stand-point faded a little recently, which is very good for togetherness. We can be proud on ourselves for overcoming problems of separation better as of last.

The attachment on all we see every day is gone. I decided to take my own RESPONSIBILITY during the P(l)andemic. Being very respectful with others, kind and loving to self and to the own needs. Have a closer look who I support with my consumption of food and products in general – and it will not be Big Corporate anymore, that drives a world where we are a number who has to fit in or be excluded. A world where a vast technization even of us human beings is pushed. That is all part of the Agenda of the World Economic Forum, hand in hand with Gene Enhancement and you can find this on recent entries on their website.[1]

I neglect to get a vaccine, that is against all good practice in Life Sciences, developed with a “hot needle”, speeding through all mechanisms to protect us from a hasty market entry with a new technology, where we don’t know the long-term effects. The roll out is actually the long-term study, which is not uncommon in patients suffering from disease. Regarding the use in healthy people it is a novelty. I want to rise your awareness on this, especially when you plan to have children one day. There are many questions and the flow of money is way too powerful, while fear is sustained covered by Media 24/7. The planned regulatory on exclusion of individuals from participation in society, who don’t want to get the jab is another story as is a forced vaccination based on this technique, which is inacceptable!

Especially when you have a look at the aims of Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, where the World Economic Forum itself – uniting Billionaires of all parts of the world, writes the reference for tomorrow. A tomorrow where a reduction of worlds’ population (How?), forced vaccination and a social behavior system following a Chinese rolemodel, as a broad surveillance are rolled out. This New Normal should not happen, it’s not what anybody can truly ask for. Please take your time to convince yourself.[2]

There is no doubt, we need to change our behavior and the claim to overcome neoliberalism is true indeed. While the framework of the SDGs of the United Nation is nothing wrong from the idea, the modus operandi to force this upon us top-down is indeed wrong.[3]

I envision a future, where we overcome the more and more and find back to ourselves. When we claim back our sovereignty, when we reach out to those of the world, who are in need of basic provision of healthy food and water, by support of holistic consumption, we can decide all of this without being forced into this change. It’s a matter of responsibility and abandonement of many modern comforts everyone has to carry. And it is the overcoming of fear, the switch from fear and lack to unconditional love for life and abundance, that is already here. From my point of view there is no opportunity technique and money as source can ever outpace life itself and the creation defined by nature.

A rise of consciousness while leaving behind old patterns will safe us from a forced order upon us, because the principle of energy is always the same. Withdraw energy and focus it on a positive outcome and this positive outcome will manifest. This is the task for everyone of us and it happens, when we start to believe in it. It’s our path together for a future we create with every aware moment in the presence, that helps us to overcome the dualism in many different aspects that force us to blame and judge. When we have a look out of awareness and from above, all is inseparably related and we are the creators in unity with nature, instead of becoming the motors for a machine driven world.

[1] https://www.facebook.com/benicoma/posts/2833330930237974

[2] https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/how-life-could-change-2030/

[3] https://www.theeuropean.de/edgar-ludwig-gaertner/klaus-schwabs-vision-von-einer-neuen-weltordnung/ (German)