My journey to Latin America

This is a guide to my entries about my short travel to Panamá, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It was an awesome experience, it lifted prejudices for me and the “fear” I had before I went there. I expected much more crime to face, couldn’t imagine, how beautiful the stay really would be. To sum it up, it was an awesome experience, that made me learn Spanish and I will defintively come back, most likely for a longer stay.

Those are my entries about my stay in Latin America. They are sorted in chronological order and reflect just a tiny part of the whole experience. I will definitively come back to those places and want to learn more about the other countries on this beautiful strip of land between South and Northamerica.

Adventure here I come: My way from Florida to Panamá City and my first impressions of Latin America

Panamá Viejo, El Valle, Santa Catalina: A roadtrip of its best, with a car everything is possible…

Santa Catalina: Santa Catalina is a hidden surfer gem of Panamá and gateway to the island of Coiba

Paradise is here – San Blas: Our splendid trip to San Blas and the awe of nearly unspoiled tropical islands

Chillout in San Blas: The farewell to those stunning islands

Panamá to Costa Rica: An endless busride and the most challenging border crossing of my trip

Costa Rica Pura Vida: Where do you have it all? Ziplining the big trees with stunning views, before you hike into the green paradise… That’s to be found in CR

Mysterious mountain cloud-rainforest: My report about hiking the rainforest of Costa Rica, discovering all its beauty

Santa Elena aside the tourism: A walk through a village, living from its tourism, from a non-touristic point of view

My way to Nicaragua: Making the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, mainly a travelers report on what to obey when you cross Latin American borders

Surfing Playa Gigante: My report about my two days in a secluded little surfers nest at Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

Isla de Ometepe – Visit to a place without paradigm: When you are to Nicaragua you have to visit Ometepe, it’s a unique experience

Adventure calls I follow – Back to Costa Rica: I return from Nicaragua to Costa Rica to meet up with Dani and get to know the locals of Costa Rica

Journeys End: My way from Costa Rica to Nicaragua and back to the USA