Latin America picture ToDo-list

This is my “ToDo-List” for Central and South America. Covered are 19 countries so far, but I am open to your suggestions! The pictures I used are all from artists of the twenty20 community and I have to thank you guys at this point for taking such great pictures! Please feel free to leave suggestions for me, what I should not miss out when I travel Latin America the next time.

Pictures tell stories better than a thousand words. This is an old wisdom and it’s actually true. You might have read my report about my relatively short travel to Panamá, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. For me this was the first contact to this beautiful and magic piece of land on our planet and it is not the last time, that I have been there, promised. Since pictures express much more, than text ever could, when it comes up to the description of the beauty of places, people, nature and everything else but the lyric itself, I started to create and build up a Twenty20 Collection. In this gallery I collect pictures I like and worship, and included are pictures of 19 countries so far, here presented from North to South.

Central America

Cancún in Mexico, by @soniamchopra
Somewhere in Guatemala, by @s_cavazos
Belize and the Maya temples, by @_melche
US Embassy in Honduras, by @cellalaaa
Surfing the Pacific in El Salvador, by @gerardoch10
Vulcano Concepción on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua, by @benicoma
The cloud rainforest Costa Rica’s mountains, by @benicoma
The Islands of San Blas in Panamá, by @benicoma


South America

Medellín in Colombia, by @vcostaphoto
Morrocoy in Venezuela, by @erickmendez9
The highlands of Ecuador, by @puapv
Machu Picchu in Peru, by @corrine_t
The death road in Bolivia, by @birgitry
Jesus statue over Rio de Janeiro, by @nanohooligan
Isla Fernando de Noronha of Brazil, by @joneliabe
Somewhere in Paraguay, by @jcibils
Surfing the beaches of Uruguay, by @marcbaechtold
The Iguazu falls of Argentina, by @kauaitraveler
Chilenian part Patagonia, by @birgitry



A vendor in Bolivia’s capital La Paz, by @raulbarnoir
The lovely people of Costa Rica celebrating their football team in the World Cup. The contribution goes to my friends in Costa Rica!
A mayan child bathing in a creek, by @andrewqholzschuh
Tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, by @mackeykatrina
Salsa and Bachata, by @hurpatty
Mother and child in Mexico, by @whiteraslion
Carneval Samba in Brazil, by @jealston
Guna Yala
The Guna Yala and me on San Blas in Panamá, by @benicoma


This collection features great pictures from all over Latin America, from diverse artists and is something like a ToDo list for me, when I travel to this region the next time. I will need plenty of time to do that of course, since there are already 19 countries included and by far not everything worthwhile to see…

What I have to do:

  • Surfing all along the Pacific coast, from Baja California in Mexico down to Chile, wherever I come by
  • Visit the Maya tribes of the Mexican desert for their cult, and experiencing it
  • Visit the plantations for cacao and coffee in different countries
  • Visit the places where medical plants are cultured in a fair trade principal
  • Visit the Maya Temples of Mexico and Belize
  • Exploring the Amazonas of Brazil and Bolivia
  • Sail to Cartagena via San Blas in Panamá
  • Dance Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires
  • Dance lots of Salsa
  • Snorkel and Dive in Central America and Venezuela
  • Visit the Carneval in Rio de Janeiro
  • Go diving on Coiba Island of Panamá and on Isla Fernando de Noronha of Brazil
  • Go snowboarding and hiking in Patagonia
  • Finish Pacific Coastal Highway 1 – called the Panamericana in Latin America

When you are on Twenty20 yourself, have pictures of those regions which might fit in and you are willing to get them featured in the Collection, please comment under them with the hashtag @benicoma and I will consider to take them in as well. And when you read this blog entry and want to share great places to visit, please leave a comment, it is highly appreciated!

My journey to Latin America

This is a guide to my entries about my short travel to Panamá, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It was an awesome experience, it lifted prejudices for me and the “fear” I had before I went there. I expected much more crime to face, couldn’t imagine, how beautiful the stay really would be. To sum it up, it was an awesome experience, that made me learn Spanish and I will defintively come back, most likely for a longer stay.

Those are my entries about my stay in Latin America. They are sorted in chronological order and reflect just a tiny part of the whole experience. I will definitively come back to those places and want to learn more about the other countries on this beautiful strip of land between South and Northamerica.

Adventure here I come: My way from Florida to Panamá City and my first impressions of Latin America

Panamá Viejo, El Valle, Santa Catalina: A roadtrip of its best, with a car everything is possible…

Santa Catalina: Santa Catalina is a hidden surfer gem of Panamá and gateway to the island of Coiba

Paradise is here – San Blas: Our splendid trip to San Blas and the awe of nearly unspoiled tropical islands

Chillout in San Blas: The farewell to those stunning islands

Panamá to Costa Rica: An endless busride and the most challenging border crossing of my trip

Costa Rica Pura Vida: Where do you have it all? Ziplining the big trees with stunning views, before you hike into the green paradise… That’s to be found in CR

Mysterious mountain cloud-rainforest: My report about hiking the rainforest of Costa Rica, discovering all its beauty

Santa Elena aside the tourism: A walk through a village, living from its tourism, from a non-touristic point of view

My way to Nicaragua: Making the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, mainly a travelers report on what to obey when you cross Latin American borders

Surfing Playa Gigante: My report about my two days in a secluded little surfers nest at Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

Isla de Ometepe – Visit to a place without paradigm: When you are to Nicaragua you have to visit Ometepe, it’s a unique experience

Adventure calls I follow – Back to Costa Rica: I return from Nicaragua to Costa Rica to meet up with Dani and get to know the locals of Costa Rica

Journeys End: My way from Costa Rica to Nicaragua and back to the USA

Latin America, mi amor!

Before I continue writing about my Latinamerica travels, I want to give you a short audio visual version of my most beautiful impressions. I just bought the song In Love (Bernard’s Extended Club Mix) by Bernard Badie on Amazon today. Great how this system works, you get the song, you make a video (it’s really easy) and you upload it, done. I have all my CDs I bought – all time – as digital copy on Amazon! I appreciate these features of the web 2.0 and it’s quite convenient… But now to the video.

I hope you enjoy it, you can find further songs, which came along the way in my YouTube Playlist! It’s also a promise to discover everything south of Latinamerica, hopefully soon.

Panama to Costa Rica

The way from Panama City to San Jose takes us a full night and passing the boarder with the Expresso bus is no joy. It takes long, nearly 3h, until we have done everything. I observe the locals, they get out of the bus at the border and make it on their feet. As I realize later, it’s way faster. I decide to stay in San Jose at night and continue to Monteverde the next day… A good decision since catching a bus would have been difficult, the border took us too long.

Stefan joins me to Costa Rica, we want to go to Monteverde – we get a cab and go to the bus station of Panama City (ciudád de Panama). There is a huge shopping mall and we stroll around. The ticket is 40$ for the over night bus to San José from there we have to catch the bus to Monteverde, but the time is very limited to actually do that – we better get over the border in short time.

Panama City and the Casco Viejo, view into the favelas.
The main terminal of Panama City, Alemendro. You find a huge shopping mall there as well.

We attend the fish market a last time for a last Ceviche (for me, Stefan will be back) and another great plate with fish, patatas frijas (a special kind of fried banana) and great salad, spiced with estragon and salsa picante.

Camarones con patanos frijas , yummy!
Ceviche con camarones

Panama really has it all. We continue to the Panama channel but the museum is already closed that sucks so we find another cab driver who brings us to one of the watergates.

Back to the hostel I start boozing and we meet yet another German, Basti from Munich – I start to wonder wether there are just Bavarians? We find out that there will be no chance to catch the connecting bus to Monteverde anymore… Stefan seems a little pissed about that, but agrees that it is a good oportunity to wash cloth and relax for one day. Around 10 pm we are back at the bus terminal. We meet 2 girls from San Blas who go to San José as well. The ride seems to take forever and it’s freezing cold. I barely can sleep, at least there are not too many people so you can stretch out a little bit. In the morning we have to wait 3 hours at the border. We meet Dani, a cute latina from Costa Rica, who we met initially on our first day on San Blas. This time the friend of her is not with her, she tells Stefan, that he is Costa Rican as well but works in Panama City. She goes to San José as we do, that’s where she lives. I am happy to see her, and she gives me her number and I have to promise that I contact her. She is very cute… It’s hard to do conversation, she doesn’t speak any English, I don’t speak any Spanish, but somehow we understand each other, say goodbye and promise to stay in touch via WhatsApp.

Costa Rica from the bus Windows looks less polluted than Panama. And there seems to be much more forest. I think of those last days in paradise, of my salsa night in Santa Catalina, of the cloud rainforest which is up to come, of the underwater world, and I finally fall asleep. After another stop I talk to a nice girl, Kelly, from Florida. She lives here since eight month, mainly in Panama but visits some friends in Costa Rica. She recommends me to stay at Jáco at the beach and continue to Monteverde the next day. Later I decide to go to San José for one night with Stefan and Dennis, to get the cloth washed and relax one night. We met Dennis on the bus and he is from Munich… – hmmm. He invites us to come with him to his hostel, the Love Hostel 2, which is a bit outside in San Antonio of San José, in a safe area. So we follow him there and it’s a really nice hostel, hidden quite well and the owner is a hobby DJ with talent, as we find out during the evening.

The atmosphere there is great and I chill with some other guys from Germany since one of them has his birthday. It’s time to say good bye to Stefan, was fun traveling with you lad! Totally destroyed I fall into bed and hope that my laundry will be done the next day and that I make it to the bus to Monteverde on time. Still wasted I get up, 5:30h – wahhh – like all the last days. We just start at 5:48h by car to the station… I’m a bit in worry I won’t catch my bus which leaves at 6 am. Manuel speeds through the city with probably 80 kph and at 5:59h we are there and the bus is already going to leave but for my luck a cab blocks the way and I catch it last second. It makes its way into the highlands of Costa Rica, it’s beautiful!

Around lunchtime I’m there, get a comfortable room in the hostel El Tucan and book the Canopy Extreme Tour for the afternoon. I meet two Canadians, Kylie and Simon who travel together. There are two German guys as well who look really tired and obviously suffer from their jetlag. Sven and Jochen, and they join for the ziplining tour in the afternoon.

Chillout in San Blas

If you forget about time and date, like we did, you know you are in paradise. We are there and enjoy, it’s one of the most unique experiences I have made so far…

I get up very early the next morning, around 5:30 am. The last day in San Blas has already come and I am at the reef before 7:30 am.

I remember the days of Egypt in the red sea. When I went early I could see all kinds of animals and there it is, my first tortuga verde (green seaturtle) of this trip! I can’t follow up but it’s pretty and majestic how it swims away into the blue water… I discover a langustino and later I regret I didn’t catch it. And for lunch a collected conch as fresh conch ceviche, freshly prepared by our island chef, awesome! Later I watch him cleaning barracuda for our dinner. He throws all the fish Parts into the water and a shark stops by and gets its portion. It’s a brown shark most likely a nursing shark. Really cool! I have lost the feeling for time, just hang out in the mid of the day, wash my cloth, take photos, and go snorkeling again. What could be better?

Inga gives me some more advice for Nicaragua which is very welcome. She recommends to use the Queztaltrekkers for the vulcano boarding tour, instead of the Bigfoot Hostel due to less crowded groups ( haven’t tried it in the end…). The evening is there in a snap and we used the whole day just to hang out in paradise…

We have another nice and entertaining evening and try to go to bed but it’s so humid that night that I can’t sleep at all. I go out and am not the only one with that idea. So we all stay at the beach till late night and observe plankton which glimmers everytime a wave hits shore. This night is the hottest I have experienced in my whole life so far, humid, tropical – and several thunderstorms go by.

The next morning a golden shine of the rising Sun lies over San Blas. Thunder roars from the distance. The light is very intense and everything seems to shimmer golden red. As if San Blas would send a good bye.

After a horrible breakfast and a final photo with our Kuna family who hosted us, we climb into the small boat. And right how we came here, el Capitano speeds over the waves which are massiv this morning. We pass the settlement of the Kuna Yala and it’s interesting to see how they live in their more populated islands without the beach.

We have to wait over an hour before our shuttle dude decides to bring us back to Panama City. I have the luck to sit on the front seat this time, salsa and raggaton are with us and the djungle goes by like you would ride the metro through a green tunnel. I decide to continue to Costa Rica the same night since I don’t want to stay another night in Luna’s Castle.

Paradise is here: San Blas

Finally we capture a spot on the transport to San Blas. I know dirtroads very well since I traveled them in the Bahamas (they have been wicked) and Maine of the USA, namely the Golden Road. The way to San Blas is luxurious compared to both so all the wait was probably for nothing. On the other hand it’s great to sleep. And what awaits us after the fun ride by boat is nothing more than paradise…

It’s short past 5 am and we are getting more and more people, finally San Blas is our destination. I need to repack my backpack and find out again that I took too much stuff with me, like always. The vehicle, a Toyota 4×4 Jeep, is stuffed with 7 passengers and the driver. It’s tight and you can’t really move. We are brought to a supermarket and Stefan and me buy a lot, 9 liters of water, many cookies, bread, some veggies, rum, cola and binned fish. We were told by Anika that sometimes the Kuna Yala – an indian tribe populating those islands kind under autonomy from Panama – don’t catch fish and then there is no dinner. It’s tough to fit all of that  stuff into the car but our driver manages it somehow. The ride must be hell… When we are there and I’m finally awake again the people are talking about it. I slept great tho… 🙂

Our loot for 3 days in paradise… Lots of water, lots of rum, binned fish and some bread.

We wait another 45 min and are instructed not to take photos of the Kuna Yala without asking their permission. The ride to our Island, Naidub or in Spanish Diablo, is the coolest transfer of all times!

We go 40 min over the choppy sea with a 7 m boat and that quite fast. The boat jumps out of the water and crashes back on the surface to break the waves. So much fun! Our Captain, a Kuna called Alex is enjoying it obviously the most. Everytime we are out of the water he pushes the boat back down with his legs. I try to catch this moment for you in the video, but as you can see I had no opportunity to hold the camera still. It’s Stefan, me, Dani – who I meet later on this trip again – and a friend of hers, an obviously rich and gay guy and another couple on the boat.

As soon as we are there, we are absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of the island and the surrounding islands, the turquoise sea, the reef in front of the blue water and the hot temperatures. Time to claim our tent and bring all the stuff on the island, have our first Coco Loco, a cracked coconut filled with rum and some of the coconut meat.

We enjoy a boatstour and Alex is our guide this day. He tells us lots of things about the reef, the sharks, the islands. I don’t understand much and go snorkeling. A big shadow passes by under us probably an eagle ray or a manta. We don’t get into the water quick enough but there are still two big sting rays lying at the ground.

Later on that tour we hit a small island where they sell merchandise. The Kuna there are not very polite. They ask for 2$ for a single picture which we don’t take. Life is very smooth and the heat doesn’t allow you to be very active. The darkness comes quickly over the island and it’s time for dinner. We get either fish or fruits of the sea for every lunch or dinner. The best you can enjoy as a side is coconut with rum and a pineapple or watermelon. This is Paradise! 

 The next day is equally relaxed. I go snorkeling for about 3 hours and make three islands on my way. Again I have the feeling, I really lack a GoPro, just imagine those most beautiful pictures from the underwater world… I see lots of splendid reef and thousands of different kinds of fish in all colors. The reef is much better when you are not directly at the island where all the tourists snorkel. The coolest things I see this day are emperor fish, a barracuda, some batfish and herds of Doctor fish. I try to catch an octopus but it gets away. Lucky!

In the afternoon we do the boat tour again and go to the big reef this time far out at the border to the deep blue water. Lots of big fish is around there and it seems like they enjoy to play in the currents. For them it must be like a roller coaster ride. There is a nice dinner again and I get used to the ‘bathroom’ consisting of a toilet connected to the ocean and a big vessel of rainwater which you use to rinse away what you have left…

A Czech family, Jirkan, his sons Adam and David and his wife Diana teach me how to open coconuts. They live in Oregon and are on travels for a whole month. Jirkan explains that it is much more important for the kids to learn this proximity to nature than attending school. I just agree and they are lovely and so cool as a unit!

Jirkan, me, David and Adam. The guys teach me how to collect and open coconuts, essential for survival in tropical regions… 😉

In the meanwhile Stefan and me made some contact with two girls from Germany, Inga and Kira, who are on the island with us and we play a drinking game at night with all the rest of inhabitants of the island. It’s fun and two Dutch girls, hola Judith, and a Spanish Italian couple join us. We talk about our travels, destinations to see and future. Raul and his girlfriend want to start a hostel somewhere and have no intention to return to Europe. After the last days I start to recognize why, life over here is somehow just easy going and you can lay back and chill. It truly is Paradise! The night sets and rum enlights us… 🙂

Santa Catalina, hidden surfer gem at the Pacific

Santa Catalina is a dreamy village at the Pacific of Panama. It is mainly popular as a surfer village with a great beach and a beach where you can relax without the big waves, protected by a small island. It also is the hub to Coiba Island, something untouched like the Galapagos. Trips there are most expensive and I chose not to go, this is something for the future 🙂

After some really good sleep we start the day with our standard breakfast. White bread with green pepper, tomato, cheese and thunfish.  First of all we visit Surf and Shake, a shop for nice fruit shakes and everything connected with surfing, run by a girl from Munich. She tells us to attend the second beach for surfing, not the first one, protected by an island, the one we visited last night after we arrived. Santa Catalina is small and we are looking for another hostel which is closer to the big surfer beach.

Stefan and me enjoy a little chillout after the tough ride the day before and after some coffee Columbiano and our custom thunfish sandwiches.
The Surf and Shake of Santa Catalina
The beauty of the hibiscus is everywhere and beautiful insects and colibri swirl around it.
Stefan and Anne in Santa Catalina at our morning stroll to check out where to stay.
Most beautiful butterflies swirl around everywhere in Latin America. This is a big swallowtail.
A gas station in Santa Catalina, we would have been lucky and could probably have gotten gas over there…

We find a place called Mama Inne’s and move there. It has a great garden and direct access to the beach.

Mama Inne’s in Santa Catalina, a nice terrace but the dorm was not the best you would expect for the price paid. Take the apartment upstairs, you shall be good!
Hola, Hooola! A smart green parrot who always stopps talking when you want to film it… 😀

I rent a 7’7″ surfboard at a place called Rollo’s which is much smaller than my last ones in Florida but it is still the biggest I can find. The surf is gigantic for my current skill, the waves further offshore are probably 5 – 6 m high and the ones which hit shore are still 2,5 to 3 m. It costs lots of power to get outta there and surf back in but it works very well to my surprise so I spend several hours surfing, observe skilled surfers and try to do the same to handle the massive force of the incoming waves. In my breaks I chill and chat with Anne and Stefan. It’s just relaxed and awesome – for the first time I miss that I don’t have a GoPro! The whole day is so relaxed and it flies by in a second.

At night we try to find something to eat which is quite challenging. We leave one restaurant since we get ignored for 30 min, leave another one where nobody shows up for 15 min and get back to our hostel to eat… It’s crowded with visitors having dinner and we wait another good hour until we finally get our food. This is probably part of being here, to adjust to the time you need for everything? The food is not very good and the room is really hot.  The bedding smells of the many people who slept there as well and the night is a disaster, with bedbugs in Stefan’s bed and very few sleep.

I flee from the bed at something around 6 am to take some photos and spend the time outside. After a little breakfast we catch in the little shop back in the village I go to surf. Today the surf is even more aggressive than the day before. I get to know Miri a girl from Munich and surf a bit with her. Later Laura joins our little chat. She is just 19 years old, from Berlin and travels alone and for a long time. She is half Venezuelan and tells us about her experience there, sounds absolutely great and totally in contrast to all the news about the riots…

At lunchtime we leave Santa Catalina since Stefan and me want to be in Panama City at around 6:30 pm to book the trip to San Blas which you have to do the night before the trip until 7 pm. In Santiago we drop off Anne who wants to continue to Costa Rica alone. It’s a lively but ugly town and going around there with the car is really difficult, everybody shouts and honks at us. We are glad when we are back on the Panamericana on our way to Panama City. The ride takes forever although I push the gas quite strong in the frame of opportunities – we don’t want to be stopped again. Short before we reach the city we miss an exit and have to pass downtown to reach Casco Viejo and the hostel. This is my worst city driving experience so far, speeding through traffic stuffed downtown, maneuvering around standing cars and walking people. We make it to lunas castle at 6:55 pm, basically in the last minutes before closure of the lists, and are the last ones for tomorrow’s trip to San Blas, what a relief!

We need to get rid of the car and while we try to find a gas station the police stops us again. A fiendish cop shouts at me in Spanish and I reply about 3 times with ‘No hablo Espanol!’ He doesn’t want to believe me and accuses me that I would have taken drugs. Stefan talks to another cop and tells him that we have to return the car quickly. It’s already 8:40 pm, we haven’t filled up the gas yet and it’s still some way to the rental station that closes at 9 pm… After a full inspection of the car and of us the cop let’s us go, phew. 5 min before closure we finally turn in the car and are somehow totally relieved. Back at the hostel we have way of too much Rum with Anika, a nice girl who lives in Zürich and Jonas from Hamburg. I can’t sleep that night, it’s hot and loud in the dorm and the guys under my bunkbed have sex and it feels like an earthquake. I decide to go to the hostels living room and chill the rest of the night there. It’s way more comfortable and relaxed and early in the morning a trip into Paradise waits for us…

Panama Viejo, El Valle and our way to Santa Catalina

Our first day together brings us to Panama Viejo, the former old city which was destroyed by the English. It offers great views on the new city. The trip continues to El Valle, in the highlands of Panama and at night we arrive our destination Santa Catalina, which I chose to surf, by recommendation of friends from Innsbruck, who have been there…

It’s still early in the morning and we start into the city to claim our rental. At the breakfast we meet two more ladies who join and we start our day in Panama Viejo, the original part of the city which was destroyed by the British. There are just ruins left and it’s up to your imagination how this first settlement must have looked. The overview from the tower is great and you have a great view on Panama City from yet another angle. We still decide not to stay too long since we have other plans for the day.

Panama Viejo the first settlement of Panama City, was destroyed by the British.
The skyline of the new part of Panama City, very modern and impressive!

The two ladies, leave us and Anne, Stefan and me go to the fish market first for a great Ceviche. This is a South American cold salad with fish or other fruits of the sea which are cooked in lime juice. It’s really great and after this memorable meal we continue our trip to El Valle. It’s a village in the Highlands of Panama and normally really green. We visit a waterfall and have a swim in a natural pond, beside us is a Panamian family who owns a baby parrot which is very cute and in general the mood is very relaxed. The natural pond is filled from a fountain which is source of the waterfall. We chill out and continue in the late afternoon.

The way to El Valle leads through a dry but beautiful highland.
A bus station in Panama, highland of El Valle
The jungle of El Valle, beautiful, hot and humid.
Stefan and Anne, my traveler buddies from Germany. It was Anne’s idea to visit El Valle, a good one!
Guys, you really look like a couple :-p … Just kidding! Was nice travelling with you!

Stefan takes over the car from me and two minutes later we are stopped by the police and Stefan doesn’t even has his license with him so I hand him mine and he has to follow the cop who just stopped us. Stefan tells us after this incident, which cost us 40$, that the guy asked for 150$ in the first place since we were going 104 kph instead of the allowed 80. Stefan told him we are just students so he asked for 80$ and when Stefan was reacting like this is still lots of money, the cop asked him, as a man, what he would be willing to pay. Stefan gave him 40$ then, the cop mentioning his family the whole time. We are lucky after all, since it is my license not depicting Stefan, but the cop is not interested at all in this “little detail”.

We continue our trip after this crazy experience through the wild to Santa Catalina. Our gas is running very low and we pray to hit a gas station before it runs out. Since we passed Santiago, where we replenish our groceries, we made already 57 km towards Santa Catalina without hitting another gas station. Finally there is a gas station in Soná, our relief, otherwise we would have been supposed to turn and get the tank filled in Santiago, and this is an one hour ride away already…

The rest of the trip is tough again. It’s totally dark outside and driving like that is exhausting. There are cops along the street several times, so we can not go faster than allowed. A wonderful smell of rich earth and tropical rainforest fills the air. It’s an awesome feeling although we don’t know yet if there will be a place to sleep. Around 10:30 pm we’re finally there. It was a long day full of impressions and we immediately find a good place to sleep. Check in is done and it’s time to hit the beach. The night is absolutely dark and a huge amount of stars can be seen – it is really moving, the whole sky glimmers from the stars and some fireflies levitate around us…

There is a big party tonight and Anne and me attend. She is chased by a British guy the whole evening and I dance some decent Salsa until 4:30 am the next day – the best way after a long travel to totally lay back…

Adventure here I come… Latin America – Panama City!

Read about my last official day in Florida and the travel to Panamá with my first experience in this never sleeping city. Panamá City is truly a place of contrast. You have the “favelas” right in between the big towers of the new city and an old city which reminds of a time long passed which is in direct neighborhood to the area where the poor live. Most diverse, most beautiful!

It is my last day in Florida and lots of my friends over here are hit our place. We enjoy a great BBQ and I have a decent amount of drinks. During this evening I land in the pool for two times. It’s time for a last visit to the Atlantic, for a last round of Gainesville party. I say goodbye to this city and vanish around 1 am since my plan is to leave here at 5 am in the morning, to catch my flight into Panama from Tampa.

Celebrating Gainesville Farewell with my friends, BBQ time. Goodbye Florida Gators!

It’s tough to get up and I’m late… 🙂 still tipsy and very tired I make my way through the darkness but there is no need to be stressed out, the time I calculated was plenty. Totally destroyed and tired I board the flight to Miami where I have to wait 2:30 hours until I can continue into Panama City. I sleep most of the time and some Americans who sit beside me show off how great their vacation will be, diving, playing golf and residing in good hotels. That’s not what I’m looking for. I look for an adventure for a bargain, since my money comes to an end and I want to feel the countries I am going to visit. I get out of the airport short past 3 pm and take an overpriced private shuttle to my hostel Luna’s Castle in Casco Viejo, an old part of Panama City in the beautiful style of the time of colonization.

The view out of my Hostel Luna’s Castle into Casco Viejo of Panama City.

I get into my room and there is a German girl. Her name is Anne and we get along well from the start. She invites me to stroll around Casco Viejo with her and I agree and follow her and another couple from Germany. It’s impressive how some of the buildings are in shape and others are nothing more than are ruins and when you have a look over to the city you see the modern time.

Plenty of churches can be found all over Casco Viejo…
The ruins of Casco Viejo

I decide to depart from the group and walk along the bridge out of Casco Viejo to get an overview over this most beautiful skyline and the harbor. And I have my first Ceviche, which is way overpriced compared to the ones sold at the fish market – which I find out the next day.

Casco Viejo seen from the bridge

Back to the hostel I meet Anne on the room again. We talk a bit and suddenly a guy enters the room. His name is Stefan, he is from Germany which is obvious from his accent. I enjoy 2 minutes where I talk English to him and he doesn’t recognize I am German. It’s funny but then I reveal myself. So Anne and Stefan what are your plans?

San Blas is booked out, damn. There is no single seat left to get there. It’s the weekend of Easter and word of mouth is lots of locations are booked out for the next days. I wanted to go there first, before I continue westwards, towards the border of Costa Rica. This is not an option anymore so I decide spontaneous to get a rental – saving time in 18 days of Latin America is important – and go to Santa Catalina first. Anne is in, after I promise her to stop a day in El Valle. Stefan has not eaten yet so we go out again to grab something. I like this guy, he is funny. So I ask him to join us as well and he replies to think about it. Later the night he is in as well…